4 Swords Gauntlet Race

It being still the 35th Anniversary of Legend of Zelda, I thought it would be good timing to share a Link themed Super Mario Maker 2 level.

Inspired by Four Swords, this multiplayer competitive stage pits up to four Links in a race to navigate through Bowser’s gauntlet and take on the big boss himself. This level works as a single player experience as well, but it was made with multiplayer in mind.

Enjoy as you wait for the Anniversary Edition of Legend of Zelda Game & Watch to be released later this year!

  • 775-WHK-JHG
McMurphy Mii Characters

I am pretty far in Miitopia (having beaten the Darker Lord), so here is my access code to my Mii Characters being used in game.

“Jak” from the Jak and Daxter series as well as “Dieter” of Mike Myers classic character from SNL are two famous characters I made myself. Enjoy!

  • 4FFWC24
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